At the foot of the mountain

Exciting mix of culture and nature

Piedmont is one of the eight regions of northern Italy. The word literally means at the foot of the mountain. In clear weather, the snowy peaks of the impressive Alps are omnipresent. Wherever you are in Piedmont, the mighty Monviso determines the shape of the horizon.

Turin is the beating heart of Piedmont. As the capital of the Savoies, later as the first capital of United Italy and for a long time as the capital of the automotive industry, Turin has grown into a metropolis with many different layers and important cultural and immovable heritage.

The green and hilly countryside hides the Roman provincial towns of Asti and Alba. On the sun-drenched, fertile slopes, the Piedmontese grow delicious wine grapes and a wide variety of vegetables. A fortified castle dominates the surroundings on every hilltop. Small villages and hamlets have developed around this castles over the centuries, and haven’t lost any of their authenticity.

La Casa sulla Collina is located in Lavezzole, a small ‘frazione’ in the town of San Damiano d’Asti, in the middle of the Alfieri hills. The owners discovered the neglected property on the top of a hill in 2012. They restored it to a well-equipped holiday residence, respecting the typical Piedmontese architecture and paying attention to a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle.

The 4 seasons in Piemonte


Piedmont has harsh winters. The proximity to the Alps explains abundant snowfall and cold temperatures. If you visit the region between mid-October and mid-April, make sure you have snow chains in your car… and you snowglasses! The sun never waits long for itself and then the winter carpet melts like snow in the sun.


Although the winter can get fierce until April, spring starts early in Piedmont. With a bit of luck you can already sunbathe a couple of hours in February in the afternoon. We love this season in this part of Italy. Spring is the best time of the year for walking and cycling among the budding greenery in all its hues. But be aware: in May you van already expect summer temperatures.


The summers are almost always hot in Piedmont. Temperatures above 30 degrees make you long for a swim in the pool and read under the shade of a walnut tree. In the evening you can enjoy delicious aperitifs in the center of San Damiano while enjoying the cheerfulness of the locals. Don’t forget the obligate gelato!


In autumn, there is intense activity in Piedmont: the farmers harvest their hazelnuts and grapes. Don't be surprised if a village square is taken to squeeze the grapes. At night, the truffle hunters set out with their dogs in search of the coveted white gold. They sell their harvest at the Alba truffle fair.